Der Jungfrauenwahn

  • Nominiation European CIVIS TV-Prize 2017
  • Bayerischer Fernsehpreis: best dokumentary, June 2016
  • Juliane Bartel Medien Preis: best dokumentary, November 2016


  • Film festival de San Sebastian, Spanien 2015 / Section New Director
  • 33th film festival Turin 2015
  • Film festival Hamburg, section european cinema-co-production, October 2015
  • Achtung Berlin film festival 2016
  • Cinema release United Kingdom: 24.03.2016

Die Arier

  • Winner of the German director price Metropolis for the best dokumentary (09.11.2014)
  • Winner: Öngören prize for democracy and human rigths, film festival Turkey-Germany (16.03.2014)
  • Winner: World Cinema best documentary Phoenix film festival, USA (06.04.2014)
  • Winner: World Cinema audience award at Phoenix film festival, USA (06.04.2014)
  • Nomination of the ökumenischen Jury at the Achtung Berlin film festival (April 2014)
  • Variety prize at the Filmkunstfest MV 2014
  • 1st prize: best documentary at the 12th Quotenmeter-Fernsehpreis, 31.08.2015
  • Magnolia Award at the 17th international Shanghai film festival 2014
  • Nomination for the PRIX EUROPA 2014
  • Nomination for the Grimme Prize 2015

Patong Girl

  • Grimme-Prize best feature film 2016
  • Special mention at the Kinofest Lünen 2014

Dienstags ein Held sein

  • Second prize at the Chicago International Children´s film festival 2012, Section: Live-action Television Program


  • Best feature film (20.000 €) in competition at the 30th Torino film festival 2012
  • Nomination for the remarkable debut of Scott Graham at BAFTA! 2014
  • Nomination for UK Critics‘ Circle Breakthrough Award

Native Son

  • Premier: International Filmfest Cannes 2010, Semaine de la Critique
  • Prize for the best cinematography at the FujiFilm Shorts Awards in London 2010 (out of over 100 submissions)

Der Störfall – Was geschah wirklich in den AKWs von Vattenfall?

  • Medienpreis 2008 of the German Umwelthilfe

Am Ende kommen Touristen

  • Special prize of the Eberhard-Fechner-Förderstipendium from VG Bild-Kunst in line with the Grimme-Prize 2011
  • Nomination for the German Filmpreis 2008 as best feature film
  • Förderpreis German film for best male actor for Alexander Fehling, & nomination for  the Förderpreis German feature film for best director and best script for Robert Thalheim at the ceremony of the 25th Filmfest München at 27. June 2007 in München
  • Best feature film at the 18th Festival International du Film d’Histoire de Pessac (competition); 20. – 26. 11.08 in Bordeaux
  • VGF-newcomer producer prize for Britta Knöller and Hans-Christian Schmid; ceremony at the Bayerischen Filmpreises at the 18. January 2008 in München
  • Kunstpreis Berlin – Jubiläumsstiftung 1848/1948 for the year 2008 for Robert Thalheim auf dem Gebiet Film- und Medienkunst; ceremony at the 18. March 2008 at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin


  • Findlingspreis at the Filmkunstfest Schwerin 2006
  • Best Foreign Full Length Film / Best Actress beim 8th Panorama of Indep. Film Makers T.U.C.TH. 2006
  • Special Mention of the grand jury Miami International film festival 2007
  • Special Mention of the church jury BUFF film festival 2007
  • Special Mention, foreign full length film, New York LGBT film festival, USA 2007


  • Max Ophüls film festival Saarbrücken 05, Förderpreis Langfilm
  • Prize Dialogue en perspective at the Berlinale 05: section: Perspektive Deutsches Kino
  • 15th FilmKunstFest Schwerin: Förderpreis of the DEFA-Stiftung
  • Filmkunstpreis 2005, festival of the German film at Rhein-Neckar-Dreieck, 30. June -10. July 2005 in Ludwigshafen: winner of the best german feature film (50.000 Euro)
  • Best fiction script, Prix Europa 2005, 15.-22. October 2005 in Berlin, Prix Genève-Europe
  • Prize of the German-French juvenelia DFJW, 2004 festival of the German film, 12.-18. October 2005 in Paris, France
  • Prize of the German film critics for best feature film debut 2005
  • Nomination for the best male actor Milan Peschel at the German Filmpreis 2006, 12. May 2006 in Berlin
  • Signis Prize, Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia, 25. August – 1. September 2006 in Valdivia, Chile
  • Nomination for the 43th Adolf-Grimme-Prize 2007, section competition feature film

Tramp Tango

  • Best international short film at the International Film Festival Los Angeles, USA

Zeit ohne Eltern

  • Robert-Geisendörfer-Preis 2007

Texas Kabul

  • Nomination of the Grimme Preis 2005